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Schlagwerk & Percussion Konzert

Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien
Anton-von-Webernplatz 1
1030 Wien

Termin: Samstag, 13. Mai 2006
Uhrzeit: 19:30 Uhr

Percussion Club Austria
Tel.: +43-650-400 68 42

Erwachsene € 10,– (Vorverkauf € 9,–)
Kinder & Studenten € 6,– ( Vorverkauf € 5,–)

Ensemble «Schlagfertig»
Studio Tempelgasse &
Franz Schmidt Musikschule Perchtoldsdorf

Dominic Feichtinger, Luna Ghisetti,
Elsa Krüger, Andreas Lunzer,
Alexander Thury, Tanja Dworzak

Ensemble «Schlagwerk 2»
Musikschule der Stadt Wien, 2. Bezirk

Raphael Holzer, Michael Koren,
Bernd Morawetz, Nico-Sebastian Sieder,
Severin Svoboda, Maximilian Tschid

Drummer's Collective Retz
Musikschule Retz

Christof Ettl, Klaus Fautschek,
Gudrun Geist, Johann Markovitsch,
Andreas Österreicher, Mathäus Rössler,
Stefan Schmid, Angie Schöbinger,
Bernhard Szenz, Lukas Weitschacher)

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Music is a tradition that Austrians uphold with great enthusiasm. If you visit this country in June 1st, Vienna Music and Film Festival is a great show that you should not miss. The square in front of Vienna’s City Hall is transformed into a giant open-air cinema where you can watch films featuring classical music. A wide variety of music will be played, from opera, ballet and musicals to numerous other genres. Food stalls will be placed all over the square so that you will not miss anything when watching the nice screenings.

Rock in Vienna will occur in June, from 3 to 6, and artists such as Iggy Pop, Anthrax, Rammstein, Slayer, Iron Maiden and Ghost are expected to this amazing music festival. You will sing and dance on your favourite songs, but if you are not into this music genre, you can attend to Linzer Klangwolke and witness how modern music is wonderfully accompanied by light effects, fireworks and movement of the speaker cranes.

On June 24, the Danube Island Festival gathers together visitors from all over the world. A lively blend of music, entertainment, dancing and food and drink stalls are included in the fun festival program. Open-air stages and tented areas are displayed across 19 islands of the River Donau – which is also known as Danube. The entrance to the largest Open Air Festival in Europe is free of charge, so expect to see millions of party goers in this place. You and your appealing escort - lucky to welcome you here - will have a great adventure together and you will sure remain with some great memories.

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Attend to Jazzfest Wien in July-August and you will not be disappointed by the ambiance and music you will listen here. Cyndi Lauper, Bobby McFerrin, Burt Bacharach, Jamie Cullum, GoGo Penguin and Beth Hart are only some of the artists who will make a great live show to this cultural event. Get the tickets for you and your companion in advance and make sure you will have the best seats when listening to the performances of the most renowned artists of the moment.

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Workshop mit
Helmut Maurberger (A) Vibraphonist
Kurs 1: Jugendliche von 12–18 Jahren (Jazzvibraphon und Improvisation)

Kurs 2: Erwachsene ohne Vorkenntnisse (Jazzvibraphon und Improvisation)

Workshop mit
Hardy Auer (A) Schlagzeug
Kursbeschreibung: Stimmen des Schlagzeugs, Aufstellung, diverse Spieltechniken, Übungsmethoden, etc.

Workshop mit
Takuya Yanagida (J, A) Marimba
Kursbeschreibung: Spieltechniken am Marimba, Schlägelhaltung und Schlägelkunde

Konzert «Connection Tempelgasse»
Unter anderen spielen: Ensemble PCA, Elsa Krüger, Dominic Feichtinger, Matthias Lill, Johannes Pammer und Harald Mückstein;
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, 19 Uhr

Seminar und Workshop Wiener Schlagwerkspiel

Konzert im Radio Kulturhaus von Keiko Abe & Supercussion Vienna

Um 15 Uhr: Eröffnung der Trommelschule Klosterneuburg

Konzert Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität 18.30 Uhr
Schlagwerkklasse Harald Demmer und Schlagwerkklassen der Musikschulen

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